1. Mama Tress ™ is a boutique communications agency. We talk hair ✌︎.

  2. Our Mission is to engage in and inspire *authentic* conversations around hair.

  3. We connect, collaborate, and -.`create’.- with and for clients and their consumers. Our services include:


      We seek to understand. We seek to understand the people we're engaging with, the products that they use, and the patterns in trends and behavior to anticipate and prepare for the next big thing.

      From the insights gathered, we help companies articulate and organize their brand as the foundation for their business. This is to ensure that we can develop a cohesive, integrated plan across channels for real impact.

      We ideate and we execute, and we do it beautifully. From photo and video shoots, to set designs, to event booth designs, to swag giveaway designs. We know how to catch someone's eye visually, and we know how to produce it seamlessly.
  4. We've been working with some pretty great people!

    • Outre

      • Research
      • Branding
      • Media Management
      • Content Creation
      • Influencer Marketing
      • Customer Service
      Bold in style, modern in innovation, and sophisticated in their hair expertise, Outre is dedicated to making beautiful hair for all.
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      Outre Thumb
    • It's A Wig!

      • Research
      • Branding
      • Media Management
      • Content Creation
      • Influencer Marketing
      It's A Wig! is a wholesale wig brand with the goal of giving customers the products to have fun and be confident with their hair creativity.
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      Iaw Thumb
  5. Our Team is full of passionate creatives with diverse backgrounds:

    • Hannah Choi

      CEO / Founder
    • Stella Wang

      Chief Creative Officer / Co-Founder
    • Jaime Saranczak

      Digital Assets Manager
    • Shannon Kennard

      Creative Director
    • Kate Allgood

      Chief of Staff
    • Shanice Hills

      Marketing & Events Coordinator
    • Patrice Jackson

    • Molayo Morakinyo

      Brand Strategist
  6. Get in touch. Drop us a note and we'll get right back to you.